Communications Strategy: Why Don’t We Just Do it?

You could make it look like you’re doing something but not really make any difference. Or you could develop a communications strategy so that everything you do has a purpose. Time is money, especially for small businesses or not-for-profits, which is why it can be so tempting to skip the strategy step. The pull towardsContinue reading “Communications Strategy: Why Don’t We Just Do it?”

Ways to invest in your business

Maybe I’m just having a bad business day but I am done being polite – I have to call out the bullsh*t and urge you to invest in your business. The digital and real world is awash with solutions that claim to boost your brand, fix your follower numbers, create more conversions, enhance your engagement,Continue reading “Ways to invest in your business”

What do you actually do?

Communications Strategy sounds dull and boring, but it can transform the way you reach your ideal audience and potential customers. The right strategy will save you time, stress and money. I help you reach the right people in a way that’s right for you. My grandad used to work in the coal mines (yes, reallyContinue reading “What do you actually do?”