Welcome to Angela Wilson Communications

If you’re frustrated at trying to fathom the best way to reach your ideal audience and potential customers, I can help you figure out where to focus your energy to get the best results.


Bewildered by vanity stats and overwhelmed by FOMO?

When your work is a passion, either as a small business or not-for-profit, it’s hard to know how to get noticed. You can end up spinning in circles trying to keep up with how you think you should be communicating.

This is where a clear and doable strategy will save you time, money and energy, as well as build a recognisable brand.

I help you reach the right people in a way that’s right for you.


Great, you have a plan, now just make it happen, right?

Creating content that consistently brings out the personality of your brand can be a trickier task than you thought it would be. Trying to craft the right words and create strong visuals across different channels can be a drain.

High-quality and relevant content creates a buzz, reaches the right people and gives more meaningful results.

I create content that will speak to your ideal audience.

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