Marketing your business: Strategy vs. Blagging it

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When you’re marketing your business, looking at the bigger picture can feel overwhelming but the value is in the energy, time and money you save.

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A Communications Strategy might sound dull, but it can transform the way you market your business and reach your ideal audience and potential customers.

Let’s be honest: how you run your business and grow your reputation is about more than what you post on your social media channel of choice.

If you’re blagging it, it will show – your audience and customers won’t necessarily notice but it will show in their actions and in your data.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your social media posts are very up and down, as are hits on your website.

Maybe you have lots of followers through a particular social media channel but this doesn’t translate to engagement and sales.

These things can you leave you feeling confused:

“I don’t understand what works and what doesn’t.”

Big Up Blagging It

However, there is a lot to be said for blagging it – you get a job done.

Put something on Facebook – another task to tick off the list!

But when it comes to building your reputation and growing your business it is classic ‘short-termism’.

The key to successfully marketing your business is authenticity and consistency, which you develop over time.

You can make sure you realise your business values and dreams in your content with a Communications Strategy

It will also make sure you are in the right place, talking to the right people in way that works for you.

Comparison table of Communications Strategy vs. Blagging it covered in detail in the blog
Quick Fixes

When marketing a small to medium business, the temptation to go after quick fixes is strong.

The satisfaction of seeing immediate results is appealing.

But when those results tail off you feel disappointed and frustrated.

You can resist the pull by looking at who you are:

  • What is your business about?
  • How are you unique?
  • Are you solving a problem?
  • Think about what you want to achieve.

As part of a Facebook series, Comms Bombs, I have talked about the fact there are no quick fixes.

A clear, road map will help you appreciate your progress rather than suffer the highs and lows of the latest hack.

Just do it

You already understand the extensive multitasking involved in running your own business.

Figuring out a Communications Strategy might feel like another task when you’d much rather just do it and post content when you get the chance.

Sometimes, yes – it’s great to jump on that trend or try that new thing – but then where do you go?

Ironically, a Communications Strategy can free you up to make impulsive marketing decisions because you always have something to centre you and get you back on track.

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